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Freedom Horse Products is a nationwide business that provides you with sturdy, American-made horse treadmills and horse walkers to maintain your horses' healthy lifestyle.



Treadmills are self-contained and have no special installation requirements. 

Hi Performance Safe-T-Mill®

  Hi Performance Safe-T-Mill®

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High Performance Warm Blood

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Safe-T-Mill at work!
Safe-T-Mill at work!  

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Horse Treadmills

Ensure consistent horse training with our Safe-T-Mill high-performance horse treadmill. This helps avoid inclement weather and varying terrains that may put stress on your horse, because this can be used in your stable. With adjustable elevation from 0–10 and variable speeds from 0–8 mph, you can train your horse accordingly. Efficiency is the key with our horse treadmills, 15 minutes of treadmill training is equivalent to 1 hour of lunge line training.

Easy Strider Safe-T-Mill®

Easy Strider Safe-T-Mill®

The Easy Strider High Speed Horse Treadmill

The horse industry has always been one of evolution and great diversity, and horsemen have a broad spectrum of needs and desires and we strive to fulfill each one.  Thats why Safe-T-Mill developed the Easy Strider High Speed Horse Treadmill.  Now equine athletes from the halter arena, the performance pen  and the race track can have the advantage of the treadmill used in the top universities and equine centers for equine testing across the globe.  The Easy Strider renders speeds of up to 16mph and its longer body automatically lengthens the stride of the horse and horse owners love the quiet operation and how easy it is to maintain.

The Mini-Sport Safe-T-Mill®

The Mini-Sport Safe-T-Mill®

The Mini-Sport Horse Treadmill

Americas Only Rollerless Horse Treadmill For Miniature Horses

Miniature horses have needs too. We at Freedom Horse Products realize this, so we crafted the only rollerless horse treadmill in America for miniature horses.  Like the Safe-T-Mill Hi-Performance Horse Treadmill, the Mini-Sport Horse Treadmill has variable speed from 0 to 8mph and adjustable incline of 0° to 10°, giving those in the miniature horse industry the safe and effective conditioning their horses need with extra competitive edge they desire.


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You can make sure your horse is in the best condition he can be for that next big competition and working on the Safe-T-Mill Original Horse Treadmill is the key. Your horse will build stamina, endurance, great muscle tone and have a gleaming coat. Easily monitor his progress from day to day and sweat his neck right on the treadmill. There is no safer, faster, more effective way to get your horse in shape. You will love the results.

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