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Stocks, Horse Stocks in Willard, MO

The Easy Stocks from Freedom Horse Products

Any horseman who owns this equipment can quickly tell you it’s uses are many.  Not only are the Easy Stocks portable but they are crafted with safety and security for horse and human in mind.  The stocks are carefully hand constructed with extra heavy-duty pipe, adjustable cross-ties to accommodate the size of your horse and plenty of tie rings to allow most any method of containment, necessary.  The end gate is made from wood so hocks don’t come in contact with steel or other harmful surfaces. It is hung at a height determined to ensure the most safety to the person performing a rectal examination or palpating a mare.  And the quick-release latch allows the handler to instantly free a horse in duress.  Use the Easy Stocks for wash and grooming, administering shots and first aid, palpating mares and performing rectal exams and ensure safe breeding for all your prize mares and stallions.

The Vet Stocks

The Vet Stocks from Freedom Horse Products

Stocks, Horse Stocks in Willard, MO

The Mini-Stocks from Freedom Horse Products

We are proud of the strides we have made to achieve the needs and desires of all our valued customers and the business men and women in the miniature horse industry rank among the top of the valued customers of whom we speak.  The Mini-Stocks is yet another product that we designed with this industry in mind.  The Mini-Stocks include literally all the same features and can be used for all the same purposes as the Easy Stocks, but these stocks are simply designed on a smaller scale to accommodate miniature horses.  No miniature horse owner should be without them.

Stocks, Horse Stocks in Willard, MO

The Wash Rack from Freedom Horse Products 

Freedom Horse Products is all about providing freedom and safety to horsemen and horses.  We designed the Wash Rack with those two qualities in mind.  The structure of the Wash Rack is stationary.  It is 5½’ tall overall, 2’ below ground to provide soundness and stability and 3½ feet above surface to contain the horse.  It is 8’ long and constructed of sturdy 3” pipe.  It features a front tie ring , an easy turn butt bar and a 40” wide, removable rear kick door.  All of these features allow a handler to give full attention to the details of washing and grooming of the horse without holding a lead or worrying about a horse breaking away.