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Different Models of Horse Feeders | Ash Grove, MO

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We pride ourselves on using only quality construction and materials for all of our products and our feeders are no exception. All of our horse feeders from Ash Grove, MO, are made with heavy-duty steel with rolled steel corners and sprayed with non-toxic enamel. Our 4’ Pasture Model and Mini-Feeder come with pipe skids for easy moving and steel mesh ends for easy draining. The 4’ Pasture Model holds three 60lb. bales and the Mini-Feeder holds two 60lb. bales. Both our 4’ Wall Model and 2’ Stall Model are solid backed and come with brackets for fence mounting. The Wall Model is available in 4’ or 6’ and can be mounted on posts. The Stall Model can be mounted on the fence or right in the stall.


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The Mini-Feeder - Horse Feeders | Ash Grove, MO
The Mini-Feeder